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David Bianculli




Gandolfini Through The Eyes Of Those He Worked With

The actor who brought mob boss Tony Soprano to life on the HBO drama The Sopranos died Wednesday at age 51. Fresh Air listens back to interviews with this co-stars Edie Falco and Jeff Daniels and Sopranos director David Chase to hear their thoughts on Gandolfini's prodigious.


When News Happened, Don Hewitt Was There

Don Hewitt, who died on Aug. 19 at age 86, didn't invent the TV newsmagazine, but he sure invented the most successful and durable one. David Bianculli offers a remembrance of the man behind 60 Minutes.


Tim Russert Tributes

David Bianculli discusses some of the TV tributes to Tim Russert, who died last Friday, and offers one of his own.


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