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Kevin Whitehead




Louis Armstrong, The 'Decca Sessions'

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews a new seven-disc set that chronicles the trumpeter's big band performances. Mosaic restored and remastered each of the 166 tracks from Decca Records' original recordings.


Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead: Best of 2004

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead gives the lowdown on new jazz releases that are perfect for the music lover on your last-minute shopping list. Detail of the box set for Miles Davis's complete recordings for the Columbia label. Whitehead says that this year, there is something for every budget, from affordable classics to handsome box sets and series. Also included are a book on jazz, and a combination CD/calendar.


Metheny and Coleman: 20 Years of 'Song X'

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews Song X: Twentieth Anniversary, a reissue and remix of a 1985 collaboration between guitarist Pat Metheny and saxophonist Ornette Coleman.


Kevin Whitehead on "New Dutch Swing."

A conversation with our jazz critic, Kevin Whitehead. Kevin's just published a new book, called "New Dutch Swing." (Billboard Books) It's "an in-depth examination of Amsterdam's vital and distinctive jazz scene." Kevin brings along some recordings of his favorite players.


A Look Back at the Life and Career of Carmen McRae

We talk with jazz critic Kevin Whitehead about singer Carmen McRae, who died last night at age 74. McRae has been called one of the three greatest female jazz singers, along with Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan.


Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead

Terry Gross interviews Fresh Air jazz critic Kevin Whitehead. He's worked as a rock and restaurant critic. He believes he distinguishes himself by actively featuring artists outside the insular New York jazz scene. Whitehead is also a former seminarian, and a bassist who plays free improvised music.


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