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Wael Ghonim: Creating A 'Revolution 2.0' In Egypt.

The protests that led to the Egyptian revolution last year were organized in part by Wael Ghonim, who used an anonymous Facebook page to coordinate the demonstrations. In his new book, Ghonim explains how social media helped transform his country.


Leila Ahmed

Leila Ahmed is Professor of Women Studies in Religion at the Harvard Divinity School. She written extensively on feminism and Islam, and is the author of a new memoir about growing up in Egypt during the 1940s and 50s. It called A Border Passage: from Cairo to America - a Woman Journey.


Was King Tut Murdered?

Egyptologist Bob Brier is the author of "The Murder of Tutankamen: A True Story" (Putnam) about his search for the killer of King Tut, using forensic evidence. Brier also hosts The Learning Channel's series "The Great Egyptians." He's also the author of several books: "Ancient Egyptian Magic," Egyptian Mummies," and "Encyclopedia of Mummies." Brier's speciality is paleopathology: the study of disease in the ancient world. He is a professor of philosophy at the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University.


Richard Ben Cramer On the Middle East.

Richard Ben Cramer, foreign affairs journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, has spent extensive time traveling to and reporting on the Middle East. He has reported on Israel, Egypt, and Lebanon, and his stories often focus on individuals. He joins the show to discuss his work and the situation in the Middle East.


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