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Jazz in the 1980s: An Historical Era.

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead looks back on jazz in the 80s...the big figures, the big trends, the big albums, and he takes a guess as to what the 90s will bring.


TV in the 1980s: The Big Picture.

Television critic David Bianculli gives his picks for the best shows of the 80s..the big surprise is that relatively few of them were on the three major networks.


1989: The Year in Review

Robert Kaplow and performance group the Punsters give their satirical, dystopian take on how 1989 will turn out. They warn of computer viruses, financial collapse, and a rise of chocolate addiction among teenagers.


Financial writer Adam Smith on the "Roaring 80s"

Smith is host of a popular PBS television program and author of the best-sellers The Money Game, Supermoney and Paper Money. His new book, titled The Roaring 80s, looks at the previous decade, which he says has been characterized by easy debt, easy spending and an amiable hands-off attitude by Washington. Smith says a camparison with another era of high living - the roaring 20s - is unavoidable.


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