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Remembering 'Star Wars' Actress Carrie Fisher

In addition to playing Princess Leia in the original Star Wars movies, Fisher was also the author of Postcards from the Edge and The Princess Diarist. Originally broadcast in 1990, 2004 and 2016.

Actress Carrie Fisher smiles while holding onto a railing in this black and white photo from 1980

Billy Eichner Makes A Career Out Of Love/Hating Celebrity Culture

Billy Eichner indulges his passion for all things pop culture as host of the truTV series, Billy on the Street. On the show, Eichner roams the sidewalks of Manhattan with a microphone, asking strangers open-ended questions about pop culture, and offering them a dollar if he likes their answers.

Comedian Billy Eichner laughs

'Entourage:' Young, Famous and Loaded in Hollywood

Critic at large John Powers has been watching the HBO show Entourage -- about a handsome young movie star and his buddies -- and has some thoughts on the way the rich and powerful are often protected from reality.


Hollywood Raconteur Bruce Wagner

Wagner hangs out with the rich and famous, and then writes satirical novels based on Los Angeles life. His new book is The Chrysanthemum Palace. The three main characters are actors who are the children of wealthy, successful parents. Wagner is known for his dark wit and nasty portrayals of show business elite.


Writer Jerry Stahl on Fatty Arbuckle

His new book, I, Fatty tells the story of vaudeville and early film actor Fatty Arbuckle. In the early 1900s, he was more popular than Charlie Chaplin and became the first screen actor to make $1 million a year. But in 1921, Arbuckle was accused of the rape and murder of a young actress. Many have called the crime, Arbuckle's presumed guilt, the subsequent trial, and his eventual acquittal Hollywood's first celebrity scandal. Stahl is also the author of the best selling memoir Permanent Midnight, which was adapted into a film by the same name.


Actress and Novelist Carrie Fisher

As an actress, she's best-known for her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies. She's also the author of the bestsellers Postcards From the Edge (which she adapted into a screenplay for the film of the same name), and Surrender the Pink. Like Postcards from the Edge, Fisher's new book The Best Awful is based on her own life. In it, Hollywood actress Suzanne Vale's husband leaves her for another man, and then she is diagnosed with bipolar illness.


A Novel About the Inside Workings of Hollywood Written by a Screenwriter and Director.

Screenwriter and novelist Bruce Wagner. He wrote the screenplays for "Nightmare on Elm Street 3," and "Scenes from The Class Struggle in Beverly Hills." He's just come out with his first novel, a black comedy, "Force Majeure." It's a collection of his "Bud Wiggins" stories. Wiggins is a struggling screenwriter, actor, and some time chauffeur who is "circling the drain." (published by Random House). (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Remembering the Fraught "Genius" of the Studio System

Scholar and writer Thomas Schatz has a new book about the studio era of Hollywood. While efficient, the film industry during the first half of the century limited the roles available to actors and actresses, and tightly controlled the content and style of the movies it produced.


Growing Up in Hollywood.

Robert Parrish has at various times been an actor, film editor, director and writer. As a child, he appeared in the "Our Gang" comedies and in Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights." He worked with film director John Ford and won an Academy Award for editing in the film "Body and Soul." He's written two books of memoirs about his Hollywood experiences. (Interview by Faith Middleton)


"A Different Kind of Writer's Manual."

Rita Mae Brown, author of the classic feminist novels Rubyfruit Jungle and Southern Discomfort. Her other novels include High Hearts and Six of One. Her latest work, Starting From Scratch: A Different Kind of Writer's Manual, shares with writers her own tips and techniques.


Baby Doll Grows Up

Actress Carroll Baker launched her career with sexually-charged parts like title role of the film Baby Doll. Disillusioned with the Hollywood system, she moved to Europe. Now back in America, she writes books, including her newest novel, A Roman Tale.


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